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How do you shop for wine? Take the intimidation factor out of it!
Each wine is labeled with tasting notes.
Choose your wine by region across the back wall or according to what you are having for dinner. Separate displays for wine we recommend with seafood, poultry, or meat.

Try it before you buy it. Eight bottles opened and available for tasting every day of the week.

Let us make entertaining easy for you. Once you’ve sorted out your menu we can help you pick the wine. Send us an email with your menu and let us chime in. (Don’t forget we offer free delivery) If you would rather, come in and talk to us about it. Talking about food and wine is our favorite activity-- second only to drinking and eating! Or, browse our information kiosk for the perfect pairing (In fact, it will even help you choose your menu)

Enjoy browsing around and don't ever hesitate to ask if you need our assistance.

Basic Food & Wine Pairing Guide

Chardonnay: Fish, Shellfish, Poultry, Veal, Tarragon, Sage, Cream sauces

Sauvignon Blanc: Shellfish, chicken, prosciutto, salads, goat cheese

Pinot Grigio: Shellfish, chicken, vinaigrettes, citrus, fresh tomato

Chenin Blanc: White fish, light sauces, light curry, fresh fruit

Riesling: Appetizers, baked ham, smoked fish, creamy desserts

Gewurztraminer: Prosciuto and melon, lobster, salsa, soy sauce, ginger

Cabernet Sauvignon: Lamb, pasta, roast and grilled meat, garlic, peppercorn, nuts, sharp cheeses

Merlot: Veal, Duck, Grilled Meats, Roast Pork, Tuna, Salmon

Pinot Noir: Grilled Tuna and Salmon, Chicken, Quail, Mushrooms

Zinfandel: Pasta, Pizza, Grilled Meats, BBQ Chicken and ribs, Cheeses

Sangiovese: Steak, Lamb, Venison, Cheddar, Poultry, Salmon, Tomato Sauces

Syrah: Ribs, Poultry, Grilled Fish, Veal, Hamburgers

ROSE: Everything!

Our information kiosk will help you choose your wine by grape, varietal or what you’re having for dinner. It will even help you choose what to make for dinner. Browse through recipes, decide what you want to make and print it. Then choose your wine based on what you decided to make! Print drink recipes, plan a party, learn more about a region or a grape.




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Try it before you buy it!

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